Queen Helene
our friend for over 80 years

Queen Helene products have graced the shelves of drugstores for over 80 years, and in that time very little about the line has change. The product's feature old-fashioned formulations and packaging that looks like it hasn't been updated since the 70's.

All that being said the Queen Helene line has stood the test of time extremely well and is still widely available today, perhaps it's the inexpensive pricetag or the tried and true formualtions. Whatever it may be, there remains a unique charm to Queen Helene products, that magically take us back to the innocence of bygone days.
  • Do not test on animals.

from the Queen Helene website :

Queen Helene has been manufacturing quality health & beauty products for professional and personal use since 1930. Richard Estrin, former President and founder of Para Laboratories, came to New York from Denver, Colorado where he began as a beauty supply house salesman. Wanting to expand his knowledge of the ingredients used in the professional beauty industry, Mr. Estrin obtained a degree in Chemistry. At this time, he became a partner is a small cosmetic laboratory in New York City, known as Para Laboratories.

During the 1950's, Mr. Estrin tested his products in beauty salons and initiated lectures and demonstrations by trained cosmetologists, all under the supervision of Ina Lee, a beauty consultant for Queen Helene. Together with his older son Alan, Para Laboratories was soon to outgrow their small factory in downtown New York City and look for a larger more efficient location in the suburbs of New York.

In the early 60's most of Queen Helene's products were formulated from natural ingredients. Mr. Estrin believed that his products should be made available to the public as well as the beauty supply stores. At this time, in preparation for the retail market, Richard Estrin and Alan Estrin moved the complete operation to a modern and efficient plant on a 100,000 sq. ft. industrial complex in Hempstead, New York. With modern equipment and a larger facility, the Estrins were able to produce more efficiently and upgrade quality control. At this time his son Ronald would join the company after receiving a degree in Chemistry. By 1965, the retail division was a reality. This division included drug stores, supermarkets and discount stores. The late 70's saw a dramatic increase in this retail division.

Queen Helene now produces over one hundred different products for the face, body, feet, hair and scalp. Some of these products have been consistently used since the early 30's. Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque is a fine example. It's a truly unique acne product, developed before the use of synthetics were available. Today, the preparation for this product remains the same. All Queen Helene creams and lotions are made from a blend of natural ingredients and fragrances. Products like the Queen Helene Styling Gels and Cholesterol hair line, keep up with today's tough hair styling needs.

Presently, the company is being run by the 2nd and 3rd generations of Estrin's with Alan Estrin and Ronald Estrin ( President and Vice-president, respectively), and Steven Estrin and Joel Estrin (Sales Manager and Production Manager, respectively).

Queen Helene products can be used with confidence by the entire family. The Estrin family is committed to producing only the finest products available for your family.

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